Smarty Pants and Cutie Pie

No – not me….. 😉  Megan and Amy!!!!  They really put on the charm and made themselves irresistible this morning – yeah, I know, they ALWAYS put on the charm and make themselves irresistible, but this morning was over the top!!!

The story of Miss Smarty Pants (Megan):  While the girls were outside doing their business this morning, I went into the bedroom to get ready for work and noticed Megan’s favorite yellow ball in the blankets.  I thought I should probably put it in the living room so that she doesn’t leave it in there and not have it to play with during the day (I shut the bedroom door if I’m not home so they can’t go in there and tear up the pillows and whatever else they decide to tear up)!  So – I put the ball on the throw rug in the living room where I was sure she would see it right away!  Just after that, I let them all back in.  Megan made a bee line for the bedroom and I followed her in there to finish getting ready for work.  When she got to the bedroom, she immediately started searching all over the bed, nosing the blankets and pillows all over and off the bed, and then searched all over on the floor around and under the bed — duh — dummy me — she knew exactly where she left that ball and was very upset that it wasn’t still there!!!  I had a tough time getting her to give up and follow me to the living room so I could show her where I put it!!!  Once she found it, she took it back to the bed and put it back on the blankets just where I had found it before I moved it!!!!  Smarty Pants!!!!

Then, Miss Cutie Pie (Amy) decided she was cold or something — don’t know for sure….  I had left the bedroom for a bit and when I came back, she had rolled herself up in the blankets like a cocoon!!  She often scooches herself up under the blankets so that she’s all covered up, but this was different — and oh, so cute!!!  She literally rolled herself up in the blankets so that she was tightly wrapped in it like an egg roll or a cocoon or something — a nice tight roll with just her head and one arm sticking out!!!!  She was just laying there looking around and when I came in she started to wiggle and groan with excitement and pride for what she had accomplished!!  I couldn’t resist — I had to go snuggle up with her and hug her — she thought she was so cute — and she was — little Miss Cutie Pie!!!

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