Dancin’ Update

Well, surprise, surprise — for the second week in a row, Cloris Leachman took the competition seriously and actually did a really good job with her dance – and she behaved herself!!!  There’s hope for her, yet!

She’s still at the bottom of the leader board based on judges scores, though.  She’s tied with Lance Bass, who, in my opinion, had the worst performance.  I agree with the judges that it was all his partner and no focus on him – I think it was Bruno who said “this is Dancing WITH the Stars, not Dancing AROUND the Stars”!  He was just “there” and didn’t seem to participate in his dance hardly at all…..

So – it’ll be a toss up who gets the viewer votes tonight and who goes home tomorrow.  I’m thinking Lance….  But, my predictions have been off every week except for week one……..so don’t put your money on my advice!!

On the high side — the two Jitterbugs were GREAT!!!  Definitely worthy of the high scores given by the judges! 

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