Getting Over The Hump…

Everything appears to be in slow motion for me this week!  It is like someone found my speed knob and turned my RPMs down significantly!  It isn’t that I’m dragging or tired – it is more like time has found a way to slow itself down and stop speeding by me like a sonic jet.  I know it won’t last, but at least for now, I’m rather enjoying it and finding it frustrating all at the same time.  I actually thought Sunday was Monday and almost got ready for work when I got up Sunday morning (what a wonderful surprise to realize I had another day of my weekend left) — and I thought yesterday was Thursday and that I missed getting the trash out to the road for the Thursday pick up! 

So — today is Wednesday and I am wondering what will happen when I get to the top of the hump and start my decent into the back end of the week.  Will it be a slow, relaxing ride down to the weekend?  Or will I be slung down the slide to Monday morning at lightening speed and lose the rest of the week in a blink of an eye?


On a side note:  I am losing interest in this season’s Dancing With The Stars!  I’m not finding the usual excitement and anticipation for wanting to see who has improved over the past week and who gets to stay and who goes home!  I think that watching Cloris Leachman make a total “ass” out of herself and still manage to hang on every week has something to do with it, but that’s not all – there doesn’t seem to be any of the usual chemistry and I’m not finding myself routing for anyone in particular.  By now, I usually have a favorite underdog to cheer on and one that I am absolutely convinced will take it all the way home!  Maybe it is because I am not familiar with most of the stars this season.  Of course, I know Susan Lucci – she has made an appearance in my living room every day since the ’70s – we grew up together (so to speak).  She’s been doing really good and I’m behind her all the way, but she’s neither an underdog nor a sure thing!  I don’t get that feeling of excitement to get me all worked up over her performances.  I also know Cloris Leachman and have been a big fan of her’s for many years – I always enjoy her in the roles she portrays on the big and little screens!  I was really excited about her being on the show – I knew she couldn’t be a major contender, but I admired her gumption for at least trying it at age 82!!!  She was one I thought I would find myself routing for as the underdog for the first few weeks!  BUT – she has left a really bad taste in my mouth and I don’t think I’ll ever view her the same again!  Her antics were funny the first week, but then they turned into being ridiculous for a woman her age and of her stature!  She took the competition more seriously this week and actually did a fairly good performance – but when the judges gave her two 7s and an 8, she still complained and ridiculed them!  I don’t get it – I don’t know why she’s still getting the votes!  Next week HAS to be her last week!  I’m also finding myself disappointed in the judges – I usually find them entertaining and enjoyable, but this year they are kinda blah!  So — Tuesday night I tuned in to watch the competition and dozed off through most of it and last night I tuned in to the results show and fell asleep before it started and woke up just as it was ending!  I’ve lost the excitement that keeps me alert and interested in watching every single second of it!!!  I hope things pick up — I want to love it again!

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