Mmm-Monday, Massage, Myra’s, and More…

Today was mostly an “M” day – but not everything began with an “M” – some things fall into the category of “More” – for instance:  I did have a really good day at Work and had a delicious plate of chicken strips for lunch at Cafe 121 – I LOVE Chef Hamm’s chicken strips and today’s didn’t disappoint me at all — and I got a Strawberry Smoothie to take back to the office and enjoy at my leisure – YUM!!!

But, the rest of the day was filled with “M‘s”:

  1. It was MONDAY!
  2. I had an appt for a MASSAGE after work that can be best described with the phrase – “mmmmmmm
  3. I had dinner at Myra’s Kitchen
  4. More…

I’ll start with the massage:  Natural Balance Medical Spa makes it so easy to pamper yourself!!  They advertise monthly specials on their web site (October’s special is “90 minute massage for the price of a 60 minute massage) and if you’re a client, they send emails with other specials and discounts for birthdays and other reasons……BUT – what I use to make it easy to pamper myself is a Membership!  Last month when I was in there taking advantage of the monthly Facial special, I bought a membership — the benefit of the membership is that you get either a 1 hour facial or a 1 hour massage every month plus other discounts and perks……this makes it easy for me to do something special for myself every month whether or not I can afford to do it – cause it is already paid for AND it averages out quite a bit cheaper than if I were to get the services without the membership!!!  So — I plan to alternate the facials and massages every month — today was my first one and I chose for it to be a massage and booked it the Monday after the Gala cause I knew I would be in need of some relaxation!!!  It was PERFECT!!!  By the time my hour was done, I was a total limp dish rag!  ha-ha

Then, I went and had some Chicken ‘n Dumplings at Myra’s for dinner – which was very nice in itself, but the best part was that I ran into a friend from work and her mother and they joined me for dinner and we had the BEST time!!!  We sat there eating, talking, and laughing for almost 2 hours!!!  It was such fun!!!

More to include under “More”:  I got home just in time to watch Dancing With The Stars – Cloris and Rocco are tied for the bottom of the leader board – we’ll see who gets voted off tomorrow!  One or the other are most likely to go, but I’m totally done counting on common sense to assume Cloris will be it!!  Tonight she did take it a lot more seriously and did a fairly decent Tango performance – the judges were even pleased with her and she got two 7’s and an 8!!!  But, tonight’s scores will be added to last week’s and then the votes will be added in to determine who goes home tomorrow!!!  I’m still predicting Cloris, but I’m not that confident about it…….

So that was Monday — wonder what Tuesday will bring…

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