Poor Neglected Blog – boo hoo

OK — I’ve been a bad blogger, lately!  You’d think I’d have a lot more time to write now that life is back to normal – and I do – but I don’t really have that much rattling around in my brain screaming to jump out onto these pages!!!  No – my brain isn’t EMPTY – I just don’t have a whole lot that is appropriate or worthy of saying on here!

Some things of note:

The girls let me sleep until 8:00 this morning!!!  SHOCKER!!!  They woke me about 6:30 to go outside, but were content with going back to bed after that and actually going back to sleep for another 1.5 hours!  Usually, once they wake up and go out, I can try to go back to bed, but they just won’t have any of that!  they usually lay down and humor me for a few minutes, but then go right back into the “wake up Mommy, let’s play” mode!!

I had to turn the heat on this morning – not high, just enough to take the chill off!!  It was pretty brisk in the house when I woke up!  There was one other morning a couple weeks ago that I had to take the chill off before I could bring myself to get into the shower, but other than that, I haven’t had to use the heat at all so far this season!

I moved into a new office at work yesterday — I’m so happy!  My office was at the Training Center and now I am in the Admin Bldg — no more trips back and forth between the TC and the main campus!!!

On Weds evening, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Annual Board Meeting for the Boys and Girls Club!!  I was one of the judges for the Youth of The Year contest they had and the winner was announced Weds night, so the judges were invited to attend!  Connecia Brown was the winner (read all about it in Friday’s Sanford Herald).  This was an amazing experience for me — a few weeks ago, we read essays and interviewed 5 young ladies and 1 young man competing for this honor.  They were ALL incredible individuals and were so worthy of the title – it was such a hard job picking just one!  They were all winners in our minds and will all surely succeed in their goals – and they all have some pretty impressive goals for themselves, too.  But we could only pick one — and Connecia was it!  I’m sure she will be an excellent representative of the youth of Lee County in the state Boys and Girls Club competition — and we’re hoping she wins there and goes on to the regional and then the national competitions!  I wish her luck, not only in the competitions, but also in all that she pursues in life!  Connecia is truly a “Phenominal Girl”…she’s going places!

I’m trying to decide on whether to go see “W” or “The Secret Life of Bees” today!  I need to go by Southern Jewelers and redeem the two gift certificates I got from the Jewelry Raffle at the Gala!  I wonder what I’ll buy with them….hhmm!  I’m also thinking of popping in at Myra’s for some breakfast — and there’s the Artober Fest in Depot Park, too, and I have to get some groceries!!!!  Rut Ro — sounds like a busy Saturday is in store for me — guess I’d better get in the shower and get myself in gear!!!

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