Thoughts for Tuesday and a Belated Movie Review

I have been so busy lately working on finalizing the plans for the CIS Gala – I haven’t really had a lot of creative thoughts for my blog……. But, here’s a brain dump of thoughts that I need to put somewhere so that I can get some sleep!

I realized that I never posted a review for “Traitor” — I went to see it a couple weekends ago (not sure exactly when, but I think it was the first or second week it was out). Since it is so belated, I won’t go into a ton of detail, but I am going to take the time to post a brief review now — better late than never!! This isn’t the type of movie I would normally go to, but it was intriguing to me, so I went! I wasn’t sorry — it was actually quite good! There were some spots that I wished it would move on, but the story was good, the acting was GREAT (Don Cheadle was amazing), and they refrained from over doing it on the blood and guts! It was scary to think that these types of things actually happen all over the world – terrorism is a major threat! Anyway — I found this movie to be very interesting and exciting — I really enjoyed it!!!

I went to CCCC tonight to have my friend, Christy, color/cut my hair! I gave her a vague description of what I thought I wanted and she gave me a GREAT cut!!! Christy used to work with me and left about a year ago for a great job with the state. I miss seeing her and like to use getting my hair done as a good excuse to spend some time with her (not that I need an excuse, but it helps!) Christy is really good at hair — she’s in school right now, but is about ready to finish up! I love the cut she gave me tonight!

I have three sleepy cuddle-bugs on my hands tonight!!! I am sitting in the middle of the couch using the laptop on the coffee table — I have Katie sprawled out on my left, snoring like a freight train — I have Amy curled up on my right with her paw on my leg so I can’t sneak off while she sleeps — and I have Megan balanced on the back of the couch directly behind me – if I lean back, she will make a perfect doggie shawl around my shoulders!!!

Movies I am looking forward to opening:

  • Night in Rodanthe – Richard Gere and Diane Lane – from the writer of The Notebook and Message In A Bottle – both major favorites of mine!
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua – live talking dogs – looks GREAT!!
  • W – Josh Brolin as George W. Bush

I am really looking forward to Saturday — I am having a little get-together that promises to be a lot of fun and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate – in fact, it looks like Saturday is going to be very pleasant, in deed!!!

Guess that’s it for now — hopefully, I can get some sleep tonight — I have been having some pretty serious insomnia for about a week now……..

2 Comments on “Thoughts for Tuesday and a Belated Movie Review

  1. They are……but, I won’t guarantee there will be any sign of that this weekend when they have new friends and people to meet and go crazy over! I’m sure all manners will be long forgotten!

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