Myra’s – Just don’t get no better……

OK – so the title is the worst example of grammar EVER – but it suits the situation!

I went to Myra’s for dinner — she never ceases to amaze me! I went fully intending on having her absolutely wonderful meatloaf — I was craving it all day and would have been so disappointed if it wasn’t on the special board tonight! It was on the board, so I settled in and got ready to order it! Then, I was told that Myra said she knows how much I like the meatloaf, but that I should really try the chicken parmesan. My response was that it has cheese on it and I’m allergic to cheese, so that was out – I went ahead and ordered my meatloaf! Then she said she could make it without the cheese and it came with spaghetti and meat sauce and a salad — hhhmmm – that sounded good! So, I thought for a minute and changed my order! I had the chicken parmesan with no cheese – of course, once we decided to leave the cheese off it wasn’t really chicken parmesan anymore – it was chicken over spaghetti with meat sauce! ha-ha But, it was sooooooooooooooo good!!! And was WAY too much to eat – I could only finish about 1/2 of it and even that didn’t help save room for dessert!!! And — Myra put a small piece of meatloaf on the side so I wouldn’t go into meatloaf DTs – just a couple bites, but it was enough to satisfy my need for a meatloaf fix!!! ha-ha

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