Movie Review – The Women

Ding, ding, ding — Chick Flick Alert!!! Guys, you probably won’t like this movie! I usually don’t jump to that conclusion – usually, most chick flicks make great date movies and there is generally something that the guys can relate to, as well. But, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this one may not fall into that category!

With that said — this is a PERFECT “Girls Night Out” movie! Ladies – leave the guys home to take care of the kids or have a poker night, call as many of your female friends as you can get together, and go see this movie! I think the more friends that go see it together, the more fun you’ll have watching it!

I have been waiting for this movie and it did not disappoint!!! I saw it at the Saturday matinee and the theater had several women – no men – laughing and enjoying the movie! Everyone left talking about how much they liked it!

How could you go wrong with the top notch cast: Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Debra Messing, and Jada Pinkett Smith as four women who have been best friends for years; Eva Mendes as the girl at the perfume counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC who is having an affair with Meg Ryan’s character’s husband; Candace Bergen as Meg Ryan’s mother and Cloris Leachman as her housekeeper; and cameo appearances by Bette Midler and Carrie Fisher. I had heard that it was an “all women” cast, but still expected to see glimpses of some male characters – the husband or at least some guys in the background in crowd shots. But, no — there wasn’t so much as a male silhouette!!!

I won’t go into the story – I alluded to it already and the promotions provide more info. Instead, I want to write about what the movie was “about”… is about the strong bonds of true female friendships and how those relationships are not perfect! They will have their ups and downs, but if the friendship is true, they will always eventually forgive and find their way back to each other! It is about the importance of self esteem and being true to yourself! It is about being yourself and knowing what that means and living to develop that – regardless of what others may think!

And it sends an important message about accepting personal imperfections: In an early scene, Annette Bening is approached by a sales girl at Saks to try a sample of wrinkle prevention cream and Annette just walks on past her saying “this is my face – deal with it!” But more importantly, it deals with young girls who think they need to look like super models – Meg Ryan’s 11 year old daughter is lovely and thin, but she is obsessed with thinking she is fat! Her mother tries to tell her that she is lovely and not fat, but what pre-teen listens to their mother? She counts points and Annette Bening’s character finds out that she is smoking to help her keep from eating! So, of course, she tells her that she is perfect and lovely and she shouldn’t think she is fat. The girl tells her that she just wants to look like the models in her magazine (Annette plays a fashion magazine publisher)! But, Annette looks at her with a dry expression and says “Honey, no one looks like they do! THEY don’t even look like they do! They are so airbrushed and touched up….”

It is funny – very funny! There are some wonderful one-liners – my favorites are ones that I wouldn’t share here (but if you’re interested, ask me when you see me……he-he-he)!

So – you see why I don’t think guys will find anything to relate to — leave them home and take a few girl friends and enjoy a good laugh!

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