White Walls

I have some advice for anyone who is buying a new home: If you think you’re going to want to paint – do it BEFORE you move in!

I bought my house almost 5 years ago. It was fairly new when I bought it, so there wasn’t a lot that needed to be done, but I did have some things I knew I would want to change. I wasn’t crazy about the beige carpet all through or the linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms. Changing them would be a big expense and they weren’t horrible, so I decided to wait and do them later. Also – every wall in the house is WHITE! I always thought I would like white walls – clean, bright looking rooms! But, when I saw the rooms with nothing in them and all those blinding white walls staring at me, I knew I was going to need to paint. But, the question was – what color? I gave it a lot of thought and decided to just move in and see what adding color with furniture and accents would do and really think about what I want to do with each room. So, I moved in with the white walls.

When I got settled in, my priorities changed – I wanted a house with a fenced in back yard and an attached garage. I couldn’t find a house I liked with BOTH, so I decided to settle for a garage cause putting in a fence would be easier than adding a garage! So, my first priority was the fence and then some landscaping. And the walls remained white!!!

I kept the desire to paint the walls on my radar. I have avoided putting a lot of things on the walls so that when I am ready to paint, I won’t have to take a bunch of stuff down and then re-hang it all – I have some stuff up, but not a lot! And every year it is put it on my list of things I want to accomplish that year…………but other things keep getting moved up on the priority list!

I have replaced the carpeting with wood flooring in the living room, foyer, and down the hallway. I have replaced the linoleum with dura-ceramic tiles in the kitchen and guest bathroom. I have replaced the white appliances with stainless steel appliances. But the walls are still white!!!

The original reason for waiting was that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with the walls – I wanted to live there and see my “stuff” in it before I decided on colors. That is no longer the issue – it didn’t take me long to decide on colors and what I wanted to do! Now, the “excuses” I come up with every time I get ready to do it are:

  • “I should wait until spring (or fall) when the weather is nice enough to open all the windows and keep down the new paint smell” — then, when the nicer weather comes, I decide to do stuff outside to get it done before it gets hot (or cold)!
  • “There is so much heavy furniture to move, I’ll need to wait until I can get someone to help me” — then never actually ask the friends who would gladly help!
  • “I have 9 foot ceilings and the ladders I would need to climb to reach that high would be higher than my comfort zone for heights – I should get quotes to see how much it will cost to just hire someone to do it” — then the next excuse quickly follows…
  • “If I hire someone who will just come in and get it all done so I can stay off ladders and not bother someone to help me move furniture, it will cost me a fortune!” — then I hear of people who will do it reasonably, but I never call them for a quote!

Next spring, I am definitely getting a quote and having someone come in and paint it all at once and be done with it……….but, that will depend on whether or not it will cost a fortune and what other projects may need to be done first — after all, I’ve lived with them this long……

Uugghh — I guess I’m doomed to have white walls FOREVER!!! I should have just got it over with before I moved in!

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