Best News of the Day!!!

Something in my morning routine gave me something to smile about all day today — not that I don’t always find something to smile about fairly quickly each morning, but today I found it in the Sanford Herald! I got up, took care of the girls, and sat down at my computer to skim through the Sanford Herald (I skim in the morning for headlines and certain features then go back later to really read it)…….when I clicked on the arrow to turn to page A3, one of the headlines leaped off the page at me: “Ban on Chaining Dogs OK’d in Durham”. Well, I had to take the time to read that one! I also had to take time to read the editorial on page A4 that the Herald Editorial Board wrote in support of the article and suggested that Lee County follow suit.

It appears that the Durham County Commissioners became heroes for the many dogs who are left chained to trees by their owners. The passed a sweeping ban on the tethering of dogs that will take effect in 2010. The only sad part is that they have to allow the 15 month educational period before they can fully implement the ban, but I understand that it can’t happen over night. I applaud the Durham Commissioners and hope that Lee County Commissioners will move in the same direction – ASAP!!!

If you have read this blog at all over the past year or so, it is no secret that I am a dog lover! I am a huge supporter of rescuing dogs who, without intervention, would be doomed to live a life not fit for a rat! I have three of those of my own – Katie, Megan, and Amy – and up until a little over a year ago, I had another rescue – Puddles – who was my pampered princess for over 16 years! I have a long history of taking in strays and loving them! I would have a house full of dogs, if I thought I could give them all the individual love and attention that they deserve, but for now, three is my limit!

I get sick to my stomach when I see a dog tied to a tree or the side of the house and no one around to give them the attention they deserve! Or worse, yet – when they don’t even get their basic need for shelter and water met and they are neglected to the point of shameless abuse! Tethering just makes a dog frustrated and unruly. I have never understood why someone would make the effort to get a dog and then tie them to a tree and only interact with them when they take them a bowl of food once or twice a day!

I know that not everyone who tethers a dog is guilty of the level of abuse and neglect that prompts the need for a ban such as this one, but it happens more than most people want to know! I do like the stipulation that the Durham Commissioners made to allow tethering when a responsible adult is within eye sight of the dog. That allows for people who have dogs that live in their homes and are loved and cared for, but can’t have the luxury of a fenced in area for their pets – either because of cost or restrictions where they live. They can walk the dogs on a leash, but if they are out doing yard work or something, a tether in certain conditions allows the dog to be out there with them and remain safe from wandering off and getting hit by a car or lost. That is good!

If you make a dog a part of your family, they will give you so much more in return! Give them a way to run and play safely, let them in your house and your heart. Right now, two of my dogs are running around their fenced in back yard playing safely with each other and the third one is laying next to me on the couch with her head on my lap while I am typing this!

OK – so maybe I go a little over the top when it comes to the way I treat my dogs – they are treated like children, live in my house, sleep in my bed, and I am shocked when they actually act like dogs! ha-ha BUT – my point is: If you don’t want to invest time, love, and companionship to a dog — don’t get one!!!! What is the point of having a dog that is tied to a tree and not a part of your life? Be a responsible pet owner — love your pets — they will love you back 1000 fold!!! I promise you!!!

Sorry for the soap box — but I am obviously very passionate about this and was so elated to read about Durham’s ban and the editorial by the Herald’s Editorial Board that I had to write a comment — and I just couldn’t stop my fingers from rambling on about it!!!

Now — go have a great day — I know I will………and be sure to hug a dog!

2 Comments on “Best News of the Day!!!

  1. I totally agree! The reason we don’t have a dog right now is because I don’t feel like I can devote the attention to it that it would need. I just can’t understand why people get dogs only to throw them out in the yard on a chain. To me that’s the equivalent of having a baby and then ignoring it. Why?!?!?!

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