What got my attention this morning….

I was lying (or is the correct word in this case “laying” – hhmm – and to think I was an English major in HS) in bed this morning doing my normal dance with the snooze alarm. In between the blasts of annoyingly loud music, I heard some quite impressive thunder rolls and then a REALLY strong down pour. I just snuggled in and thought “oh, good, my lawn and bushes are getting a nice drink!”. Then, it hit me — I sat straight up with eyes wide open — OMG — I drove the pony into the garage with the top down last night!!!! Oh well – nothing I could do about it then — I curled back up and went through a few more snoozes………….

Luckily, the rain has passed and I won’t get drenched putting the top up on my way out for work……

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