Thumbs Up for "On The Street"

I was so delighted to see one of Jon Owens’ points in his “On The Street” column in today’s Business Section, that I decided to give my own “Thumbs Up” award!!!

On page D2, he sums up his weekly column by announcing that the Herald will be doing a 5-part series on “hidden dining gems”. And, guess who is going to be FIRST to be highlighted??? Myra’s Kitchen on Colon Road across from Turner Chapel!!! He certainly picked the right one to kick off this series — it is definitely a hidden gem that needs to be put on Sanford’s radar!!!

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know this is one of MY favorite restaurants and I try to raise awareness of Myra’s around town whenever I get a chance! Since it is close to where I work, it is a popular lunch location for many of my co-workers. I typically go for dinner so that I can relax and not be so rushed and I almost always run into folks I know!

Since I have been mentioning it in this blog, I have turned several other local bloggers and blog readers onto Myra’s. Amy Burns has given them a nod on her blog, as well. I’ve also notice more and more people finding my blog by doing a google search on “Myra’s Kitchen Sanford NC”!!! Myra and Buddy have said they get folks coming in to say that they “just had to check it out cause we’ve been reading about you in every one’s blogs”!!! (Power to the bloggers!!! ha-ha-ha)

So – the word is getting out there!!! Thank you to Jon and the Herald for giving it the next level boost to bring them out in the open!!!! Double Thumbs Up — I Love It!!!

I hope to run into more of you at Myra’s – I know Myra and Buddy will be glad to meet you and make you feel like you just walked into their home and pulled up a chair in their kitchen for a helping of whatever they got cookin’ up that day – and don’t miss out on the desserts!!!

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