Most Excellent Evening!

What a gorgeous night it was — and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!!!

I got home from work and took care of the girls and then we played some and I checked emails and blogs! Then I went to Cafe 121 and had a marvelous, peaceful dinner! Then, I was going to go home, but the band at Depot Park caught my ear…… When I went in for dinner, they were just getting started and they were playing The Eagles’ “Peaceful, Easy Feeling” and they sounded good! I thought about eating outside on the patio, but thought it might get buggy (I wanted to eat dinner, not “BE” dinner). So, I went inside and ate. Then, when I left to go home, they were playing ANOTHER Eagles song – “Take It To The Limit”!!! That was it — I had to hang around and listen for a while! I got in my car, put the top down, and sat right there in the “cheap seats” across the railroad tracks in front of Cafe 121 and listened away……the night was so pretty, the weather was perfect, there were no bugs (guess I coulda ate outside after all) and the music was GREAT!!!! They played a lot of 70s rock — The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, etc…… kinda music!!!! It mellowed me right out and I sat there until they were done!!!!

While I sat there, it was a real joy to see so many people enjoying downtown Sanford — not only the very LARGE crowd that was actually IN Depot Park, but also all kinds of people walking Chatham Street with ice cream cones from Yarborough’s, families crossing the tracks to go hear the music, kids on the train in Depot Park, couples walking hand-in-hand — just the way it should be!!!!! It was the perfect picture of an old time small town setting — we coulda been in a Norman Rockwell painting…………………….really!!!!

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