Going batty…..

Someone I work with had a scary tale to tell this morning! The story goes something like this:

He was surprised to find what he thought was a dead BAT in his kitchen sink!!! He got a garbage bag and began to cover the “dead” bat and scoop it up to toss it out. Well, when he got it scooped up into the bag, it began to flutter and bit through the bag and latched onto his thumb!!! OMG!!!

He managed to get it secured in the bag and wrapped it up and put it aside. He then came in to work and made some calls. Animal Control in the area he lives said it was good that the bat was still alive and they wanted to go get it so that they could test it for rabies – but, they did tell him that the last few they tested had POSITIVE results!!!! His doctor said to wait for the results of that before they decide if he needs any medical attention or rabies shots!!! He ran home to meet the Animal Control folks to give them the bagged bat……

So — he is waiting on pins and needles to find out if he has to go through the rabies treatment (uugghh – not pleasant)!!!

I am waiting on pins and needles to find out if I need to start wearing garlic necklaces to work to protect myself from a vampire co-worker!!!

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