Thursday Evening About Town

Goodbye Renalds!!! I had dinner at Renalds tonight – it is the last Thursday evening they will be open as Renalds. They are open for lunch tomorrow, but I have to be somewhere else at lunch, so tonight was it!!! I’ll miss Renalds – it was one of my favorite restaurants and so comfortable! So – for now, the end of what has become a Thursday evening tradition for me……..

I had the BEST salad for dinner at Renalds — it was mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pecans, strawberries, kiwi and balsamic vinaigrette dressing – I also had a side serving of grilled asparagus — YUM!!! What a refreshing and light dinner!!! Incredible!!! Renalds was PACKED tonight, too — it was a nice send off!

After I finished dinner, I started to head home and remembered that tonight was the first of the Function at the Junction concert series in Depot Park. So, I went over to see if I could get a bench (cause I wasn’t planning to go and didn’t have anything to sit on) and luckily got there early enough to get one! The band was good tonight — they made my night by playing my theme song – “Mustang Sally”!!! ha-ha

While there, I noticed that several friends were there, too. Just as the concert ended, I went over to say hi! Among the friends were a couple of our Sanford bloggers – Emily and Jennifer, whom I’ve known from before we started blogging. As I was chatting with Emily, a girl came up and asked if I was Kim and when I said yes, she said “I’m Melissa”!!!! So – we got to meet “I Am The Mama” — so, that was cool…..

All in all, a very nice evening!!!

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