Aaww – How Adorable…..

OK – that’s it – I have decided that I need to go have my camera surgically attached to my hand with my finger on the button for fast snapshot action!!! Anyone know of a doctor that specializes in that kind of thing?

My reasoning for such drastic measures? Simple! It seems like every single time I catch the girls doing something that is absolutely the most adorable thing ever, I never fail to miss the opportunity to get it on film! The minute I reach for the camera and start to turn towards them, they notice me moving, stop what they are doing, and go into “Mommy’s looking at us, let’s get her!” mode!! And I miss the shot!!!

There were THREE such moments tonight — all in about a 2 hour period – in the same night – what are the odds???? There are no photos to document the high level of cuteness and I am sure a written description will fail miserably in the attempt to do it justice, but here it is…………….

  1. Picture this: Katie and Amy were laying on the floor beside my desk chair – they were laying side by side on their sides facing each other. Amy had her front legs wrapped around Katie’s neck, Katie’s head was resting on Amy’s shoulder, and Amy was cleaning Katie’s ear!!! Katie was thoroughly enjoying it, too — her head was leaning right into it and her eyes were closed — it was pampering to the max!!!
  2. A little later, the scene looked like this: Megan and Amy this time – they started making a loud noise that sounded like a mixture of growling, whining, and yawning – like the sound the Wookies made in Star Wars………I looked around at them to see what in the world they were doing and saw them laying side by side facing each other. Amy had one of her paws on Megan’s shoulder and Megan had one of her paws on Amy’s chest. They had their mouths wide open and their heads cocked to the side so that their open mouths were together like an interlocking puzzle and they were both singing the Wookie song at the top of their lungs in perfect harmony!!!
  3. Then, just a little bit ago, I saw the ultimate heart tugging sight that looked something like this: Katie was laying stretched out on her side. Amy was laying cuddled up to Katie’s belly with her head on Katie’s shoulder and Katie’s arm laying across Amy’s chest. Megan was laying perpendicular to Katie’s back with her head resting on her hip. All were sound asleep and snoring!!

This was a great contrast to the times when they act like they hate each other’s guts and can’t stand to be in the same universe! They really do love each other!!!! Just like human sisters!!! ha-ha

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