Sex and The City?????

OK – has anyone seen Sex and The City, yet???? I never watched the show and even now that it is on reruns, I haven’t gotten interested in it – in fact, I tried to watch it a couple times and it didn’t catch my interest. I keep wondering if going to the movie would either get me hooked OR be a total waste of time/money cause I still won’t “get it”!!!

So, help me out here — Have you seen it, yet? What was your reaction? If you’ve been reading my movie reviews, you can tell what my taste in movies is — Should I make myself go cause I’ll end up loving it or should I trust the instinct that hasn’t let me get all that excited about it???? I promise I won’t hold any commenters responsible if I find out I missed a treasure or if I end up thinking I wasted my time!!! ha-ha-ha

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