20 Years! And a couple other minor thoughts!

I don’t normally talk about my work on here – with the exception of when I felt the strong urge to brag about my promotion! But today, I have another strong urge to brag about something work related, so here we go!!!

As of today – May 23rd – I have worked at my current employer for 20 years! Yep, that is TWENTY years! The name has changed a few times over the years due to changes in the parent company, but it is the same place!

That makes me an odd duck in this day and age. You used to see people get a job and stay there for years and years to gain the security that seniority used to bring them – not so much anymore. People tend to do more job hopping now for a variety of reasons. My reason for staying has very little to do with the security of seniority (no such thing in Corporate America anymore!). I stay because I have a job that is extremely rewarding and gives me an opportunity to do something I love to do every day without becoming monotonous! The time has flown by – it sure doesn’t feel like 20 years has passed! And – I can count the # of times on one hand that I can remember having to convince myself of one good reason to get out of bed and go in to work over the past 20 years! Can’t beat that with a stick!

For the major anniversary milestones, we get to select a gift of our choice from a wide variety of items based on the # of years. I selected a beautiful pearl and diamond ring for my 20 year gift – I love it!!! But it is just icing on the cake of a long and satisfying career!

OK – brag session is over! Now for a few other thoughts I have on this lovely Friday morning:

Am I the only one who just can’t get used to no stop light on the corner of Gordon St. and Steele St.? I’m not sure when that stop light went away – it has been maybe a couple years – but, every time I come down through there, I look up to that light and it is GONE!!! When I’m going down Steele, I prepare to stop and look up to see if it is green or red – no light! When I’m on Gordon, I stop for the stop sign (probably less because I notice the stop sign and more because that way was usually red until it was tripped), but then I sit there waiting for the light to turn green – no light! I am not sure how long it will take me to get it through my thick head that THERE IS NO TRAFFIC LIGHT ON THE CORNER OF GORDON AND STEELE ANYMORE!!! ha-ha-ha

I gotta get up to Big Bloomers to get some hanging plants for my deck and patio!! It is already Memorial Day weekend and no pretty plants hanging around to enjoy! The guys I have that keep up my lawn and do my landscaping have done all the spring sprucing up, so the yard is beautiful — but the deck and patio need those plants!!!

Speaking of the guys who keep up my lawn and landscaping — they are WONDERFUL!! I have asthma, so mowing the lawn ends up with an inhaler and a couple hours of wheezing and gasping for breath! I love to mow the lawn, but had to stop doing it myself – my solution was to get someone to do it for me. I also needed to have some landscaping done when I first bought my house. I called around to find out who could do a good job without charging an arm and a leg. Chris Harrington was recommended to me – he and his brother Brandon have Harrington’s Lawn Care and Landscaping. They had so many great ideas – I just let him go at it! I call them my “elves” because I go to work and the lawn needs to be mowed or bushes need to be trimmed and I come home and it is all done and beautiful – the elves had been there!!! They are GREAT!!! I have enjoyed their work at my home for about 3 years now – they keep my lawn looking great year round (and it really needed attention when I bought the house), added and maintain my landscaping, and even put in a wonderful patio!

I guess that’s all for now!

One Comment on “20 Years! And a couple other minor thoughts!

  1. I’m so impressed by you Kim! I am always impressed when someone has worked somewhere 20, 30, 40, etc. years. In about three weeks, it will be Jonathan’s 20th anniversary at his job and I am so excited for him! Unfortunately, they do nothing for anniversaries, but I want to try to make it a big deal.

    Just an interesting side note, there is a lady that works with Jonathan who has been there more than 60 years!!!!! Amazing!

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