Rae-Zor Grooming, Boarding, & Day Care

The girls just LOVE Rae Marks and her staff at Rae-Zor Grooming, Boarding, and Day Care! When they first started going there, they clung to me when the staff tried to take the leash to walk them to the back and Amy would pee all over because she was nervous!!! Not anymore!!! The minute they notice the red roofs as we come up 421 they start to get excited and whiny! When we park, they about kill me trying to be the first ones out the car door! If I take too long opening the door to the building because they have me all tangled in leashes, they start to whine and bark! Then, they run to the staff to hurry and get going on making the most of their time there! Amy still tinkles a little – but not much and only cause she is so excited!!!

I like to take them every now and then for a day of Doggie Day Care so they can play with other dogs and have some time out of their normal environment! And it is always the 1st choice for boarding! They have HUGE temperature controlled comfortable kennels, a great outdoor play area, indoor play areas, and lots of people and other dogs to meet and have fun with! They always come home totally exhausted and happy!!!

For this visit, they will have lots of fun, get baths, and pedicures — so, they’ll have a nice mix of play and pampering — what more can a dog ask for????

One Comment on “Rae-Zor Grooming, Boarding, & Day Care

  1. Our beagles also love it there. Before they boarded there, we would always pick Copper up and his nose would be raw from nosing at the kennel. He would also be hoarse from all the barking…but he is happy as a clam when he stays at Rae-Zor! The first time they stayed there, we were given a keychain with their picture when we returned. I think it is the best picture that has ever been taken of the two of them – they must have worn them out first! Love them!

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