And on to the Finale!

It is so exciting — the Dancing With The Stars finals are next week (yeah, you’re right – I had the same thought – man, that was a fast season!!!)! Melissa won’t be there next week – she went home last night. aaww! But, that’s OK – no one thought she would make it this far and to work so hard and do so well to make it to the semi-finals was incredible! YAY, Melissa!!! And this was not a situation where (like in some past seasons) the star was voted by the fans to stay LONG after it was obvious they were no longer a contender — no, sir — she really held her own and did a great job!! BUT- now on to the finals with Kristie, Cristian, and Jason — tough choice! All are very good and all could very well win! My gut feel, though, is that it will be Kristie!

Also finishing up their season next week will be Desperate Housewives — their season finale will be Sunday!

But – the new season STARTS this Sunday for Army Wives – the great show that debuted last year on LifeTime — if you didn’t catch it last season, it is one you should try to catch up on!

* CORRECTION — ooppss — I just found out that Army Wives doesn’t premier their new season until Sunday June 8th – not this Sunday!

3 Comments on “And on to the Finale!

  1. I canNOT wait until June 8. My BFF and I are HOOKED on Army Wives!

    Have you watched Burn Notice on USA? It’s pretty good and also a little funny.

  2. “Dancing With the Stars” is truly my guilty pleasure (although I don’t get to watch it live, so I catch it on YouTube). So here’s my thoughts …

    Cristian has improved IMMENSELY, and Jason is so sexy I can barely stand it. But I feel like both are making it through on the strengthes of their partners. Neither is really that great of a dancer – there’s a lot of stiffness and easy choreography.

    With Kristi, though, I feel like she blends so well with her partner that at times you almost can’t tell who’s the professional. My mom is pulling for Cristian based on his development as a dancer, but I argue that Kristi has been fantastic since Day 1, so you wouldn’t see as much improvement.

    Plus, she lives in Raleigh. So I’m pulling for the Carolina girl all the way.

  3. Jamie – I totally agree!!! I can’t wait until the finale!

    Lisa – I caught Burn Notice a couple times. It looks good, but hasn’t quite hooked me, yet! I like that the cable channels have their seasons pretty much offset the network seasons! Keeps me from having to watch reruns all summer and gives me a chance to get interested in something different. I’ll give this one another chance!

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