Oh, That Wonderful Ice Cube Tray!

A while back, I replaced my kitchen appliances with new stainless steel refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. The refrigerator I chose is a french door model with the freezer in a drawer on the bottom of the unit. The ice maker deposits the ice cubes into a bin in the freezer drawer. All this will become important a little later in this story…..

Prior to this refrigerator, I had a side-by-side that had crushed ice and water dispensers in the door. The girls loved to get crushed ice as a treat – if I ran the ice dispenser, they would come running from wherever they were to get some ice! It was a great way to let them think they were getting a sneaky treat between meals without giving them something that would pack on the pounds!!! I would press in the dispenser lever without a glass to catch the ice so that it would spill out onto the kitchen floor and they would go nuts over seeing who could get the most chips!! Sometimes I would take a handful and toss it across the floor like you do when you are skipping a stone on a lake and they would scramble to get each and every ice chip!!! They thought that was so great and would really put them into an excited frenzy!!!

A while before I changed refrigerators, Megan (the devious one) learned how to help herself to the crushed ice!!! The first time I noticed it, I was in the den on the computer (what else is new) and heard the sound of the ice maker crushing ice and ice cascading on the floor!! I got up and went out to the kitchen and found the girls scrambling for ice chips!!! I asked them what they thought they were doing and Megan was so proud, she wiggled around and then showed me how she did it!!! ha-ha-ha!!! It became a regular thing — she supplied her sisters with all the ice they wanted, whenever they wanted it!!!

Fast forward to the new refrigerator — no crushed ice in the door!!! In fact the ice isn’t “crushed” at all! This ice maker dispenses the 1/2 moon shaped ice cubes – big ones! I thought the days of fun with ice treats were over!

One day, I was getting myself some ice for a glass of water and Megan came over and looked into the ice bucket in the freezer drawer – which is right at chin level to her!!! I thought I would see what she would do with a whole ice cube. I said “you want an ice cube?” and she got all excited and Katie and Amy came running for their share, too! So – I gave each of them an ice cube. At first, they acted like they weren’t sure what they had – then, they licked it and crunched it and loved it!!!!

From that moment on, every time I open the freezer drawer, they all come running and sit patiently waiting for me to hand each of them their very own ice cube! I’m always pleasantly surprised that they (especially Megan-stein) don’t just reach in and help themselves before I can stop them — they certainly could! But they sit just a few inches away peering in at the ice like it is a tray full of big juicy steaks!!! Sometimes, when I’m in the kitchen, but no where near the freezer drawer, they will go sit in front of the refrigerator and look at it like it is the most wonderful thing in the world – they’ll glance over at me to see if I notice and let out a little whine!!!

The freezer drawer and ice cubes have become a wonderful, exciting treat dispenser for them!!! Who’d a thunk it???? ha-ha-ha

One Comment on “Oh, That Wonderful Ice Cube Tray!

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