1313 and 30,000

Two numbers – 1313 and 30,000 – have had some significance to me over past couple of days. Here is why:

  • 1313 — Saturday I registered 1,313 unique visitors! The number caught my eye for a couple reasons – 1st = double 13, double bad luck??? and 2nd = 1313 Mockingbird Lane is where the Munsters lived! ha-ha I wondered who the 1313th visitor was in case they might want to know they held this distinction – were they superstitious??? Of course, you can’t identify the specific person – just their URL and ISP. But – in case you can recognize yourself with this info, you will know you were the 1313th unique visitor to my site: This person is from Sanford, uses Windstream to connect to the internet, and is a regular return visitor – in fact, they actually visited 3 times Saturday prior to and including the 1313th visit – at 10:02, 12:11, and 4:00!
  • 30,000 — On the way home from work today, I rolled my odometer over to 30,000 miles on my Mustang! I bought it on April 9, 2005, so it is just barely 3 years old! I’ve kept the mileage down nicely! Living so close to work helped! But, I have taken her on some trips, too — she’s been to the mountains a few times, the coast a couple times, VA, PA, WVa, and NY – each multiple times! Still averaging 10K a year!

So – the #s 1313 and 30,000 go down as milestones in my history!

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