The Girls Love Their Pool…..

The girls love their pool so much! I fill it with fresh water and they go absolutely nuts!!!! They don’t like it when the water gets warm from the sun, so I have to freshen it up and cool it down every evening, but it is so worth the effort – it gives them a ton of joy and keeps them occupied – and cool…..

Amy gets in there and bites at the water and dunks her head under the water to throw it up over her back – she splashes around and lays down so that only her head sticks up out of the water — she really gets into it! Then, she rolls around on the grass or pine straw to dry off before she heads back in for more….. Katie, on the other hand, likes to run, jump in, splash around, dunk her head under the water, and run like the wind through the yard to dry off. Sometimes, she just stands there enjoying the cool water on her legs.

Then, there is Megan — she’s the one that wasn’t sure she liked the pool, at first. She would go up to it and get a drink, but get away from it whenever the other two came around like she was afraid to get wet from their splashing! She’d stand a safe distance away and watch them having fun. Then, one day she got in and she’s the craziest one of the three of them now!!!! She digs at the water and throws it up under herself to get herself totally soaked! She’ll dig at the water so fast and hard she ends up throwing it out onto the ground and the pool is 1/2 empty and needs to be filled after every trip she makes to it!!! And, unlike the other two, she doesn’t mind staying wet – she doesn’t seem to do anything special to dry off, except to lay out on the patio to get “sun dried”!!!

What a riot it is to stand on the deck or sit on the patio and just watch them take turns going crazy in the pool…………..when one is ready to get in and another is taking too long to get out, they will bark at the one in the pool until they give in and relinquish their turn — sometimes they all get in together and that really takes the cake!!! They bite at each other to fight over who gets what section of the water to do their rituals in!!! That pool is the best fifteen bucks I ever spent!!!!

When the playing is done, it’s time to rest — they come inside and CRASH!!! Here they are all peaceful and snoring – Megan, Amy, and Katie – in that order:

Goodnight, all……

2 Comments on “The Girls Love Their Pool…..

  1. Great post – our dog HATES the water but I have never figured out why. I love the last picture with the dog passed out on his back. Pets can be so like people sometimes.

  2. Awesome. We have two labs, and any water they can get to is a bonus for them. We love taking them to the country for a swim in the pond. It looks like your dogs are loving every minute (or drop) of it.

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