What’s Bugging Me????

Good morning…. So, what’s bugging me this morning? The same thing that has been bugging me on mornings just like this since I moved into my home almost 4 years ago!

I sit in my den at my computer looking out the window at my front lawn and the short, quiet, cul de sac street that connects me and my neighbors. As I look out on mornings like this (spring/summer mornings that are not too hot, but not too cool), I witness an amazing phenomenon — a swarm of black wasp-like flying bugs hovering a few inches above my lawn. I say wasp-like cause they look sorta like a wasp, but they aren’t a wasp – maybe they are mud-wasps, not sure – but they don’t attack or sting, like a wasp does (I’ve walked through them and they don’t seem to care that I’m there at all). There are zillions of them – they blanket the entire front lawn and swirl around in circles close to the ground like they are searching for something. Occasionally, some will dive down into the grass and emerge back out after a few seconds.

It’s odd because they are only focused on the largest section of my front lawn – they don’t do their dance on the other side of the driveway or in the back yard and they don’t do it in any of my neighbor’s yards – only this one section of my front lawn! And only at this specific time of the mid-morning – I never see them early in the morning and once the day starts to warm up, they are gone and don’t return until the next morning!

What are they searching for? What makes my lawn so special to them? They aren’t a nuisance – like I said earlier, I can walk through them if I need to and don’t get stung or swarmed and they aren’t damaging the lawn, like some other pests have a tendency to do. So, I haven’t had a reason to figure out a way to get rid of them. I assume they are searching for food and if they are finding it in my lawn and it isn’t doing any damage, then I’m happy to be of service – ha-ha! They are also a source of entertainment (I think I said in an earlier post that it doesn’t take much to amuse me….. See? I really meant it!). But I do wonder what they are, what they are doing, and why my lawn??????

Another cool thing I witnessed this morning is worth noting here: I was looking out at the dancing bugs and saw two really large black birds walking down the street from the intersection toward the cul de sac. When they walked along in front of my house, they stopped. They faced my yard and watched for about a minute. Then, they turned, walked back up the street to my driveway, walked up the driveway to the garage, turned onto the sidewalk that connects my driveway and my front porch and walked along it until they got to the end and turned to enter the grassy lawn. They walked around a little among the dancing bugs and then flew back down to the street and walked off. It was so funny!!!! When I saw them walking up the driveway, I had to go look out another window to see what they were going to do because I can’t see the entire driveway or the sidewalk from my den window. I was amazed at how they took the proper path and didn’t just fly or walk onto the grass! I thought they were there to catch some of the dancing bugs (or whatever the dancing bugs were looking for) for a little snack of their own, but I didn’t see them partake in anything – they just wandered around a little and few off. I saw this same thing happen once before – that time it was 6 big black birds walking down the street and only 3 of them took the side trip up my driveway, down my sidewalk, and into my yard, while the other 3 stayed on the street and watched them – this happened last spring/summer sometime! It was equally as funny then!!!

Happy Sunday!

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