OK – I’m ready for it to cool down, now!!!!

OK – enough with the stifling heat, already!!!! I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I’d even take being stuck in the Buffalo snow belt in mid-January over this heat (grew up in a small town near Buffalo – been there, done that – but if it’ll cool me down, I’d do it again)!!! From what I can tell from forecasts and predictions, we don’t have much relief coming any time soon and what little is possible isn’t supposed to last long!!!

My grass is full of brown patches, my bushes, trees, and plants all look pretty sad —- it’s even too hot to put the top down on my car and enjoy a little cruise around town!!!!

My idea of the perfect climate is 70-75 all year round with occasional peaks in the low 80s, a constant refreshing breeze, sunny every day with nice frequent gentle rains at night or during work hours, and no really severe weather events!!!! Oh, wow – you know what? I’m gonna just sit here in my air conditioning, put my head back, close my eyes, and project myself there for a while today (hey, whatever it takes….right?)!!!!

Y’all stay cool now, ya hear?????

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