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Candy Corn and Other Halloween Candy

You know what I look forward to in the fall? No, I’m not talking about the obvious things that I truly love – the changing of the leaves, apples fresh off the tree, the sound of rustling leaves, etc… What I’m talking about here is… Continue Reading “Candy Corn and Other Halloween Candy”

Beef On Weck Adventure

I’m tagging this as an “adventure” because it is my blog and I feel like calling it an adventure! I went to a place I’ve never been before with my Mom and a couple friends from church and had an interesting afternoon……so there you have it…….an… Continue Reading “Beef On Weck Adventure”


OK. so lately I’ve had some weird things happen to me and around me! I wonder what I did to make the stars align so specifically to make me a target of the bazaar side of things……more so than usual, that is! First, a… Continue Reading “Seriously???”


It is funny how some things trigger a memory that warms your heart. Today, a simple conversation caused me to remember something I used to enjoy eating, but haven’t thought about in quite some time. I was visiting with my niece and her children… Continue Reading “Memory”

Olive Oil…FYI

 While on vacation in Arizona a few weeks ago, my friends and I visited the Queen Creek Olive Mill in Queen Creek, near the Apache Junction / Mesa area. What a great place and unique experience! Queen Creek Olive Mill is a family owned… Continue Reading “Olive Oil…FYI”

Wonder Where The Wonder Bread Went

I love Wonder Bread! It is my very favorite brand of bread. The regular kind, the king sandwich loaf kind, the white wheat kind, the hotdog and hamburger buns. If it is Wonder Bread, I like it! I think it is the freshest tasting and… Continue Reading “Wonder Where The Wonder Bread Went”