Morning Drama at the Buffet

Yesterday was an interesting day at the Pritt Bird Buffet! I spent a good portion of the morning watching all the drama unfold from my den window and enjoying all the different visitors….some of which were, shall I say, a bit strange! You see, I had just put out some fresh offerings on the menu the evening before and the diners were out in full force……for that, and maybe also for the fresh, plump worms the rain was most likely enticing out of the ground!

First up……the hummingbirds – these feeders are right outside my window on the front porch between two large hanging flower pots. I have a hummer feeder and an oriole feeder, but really only get hummers feeding at both feeders and also the flowers — LOTS and LOTS of hummers!!!

And, now for the drama at the buffet:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a morning at the buffet without a squirrel visiting……

“Peanuts? Which station has the peanuts?”

“Aaahhh… they are!!!”

“I’ll just take one…..”

“…..well, maybe two…..can I get two?”

“YES! I fit two……thank you!”

And, then there were two Blue Jays……they usually come in turns – come, grab a peanut, and leave and another comes for his turn and so on…….but, this morning, they caused a bit of drama by coming together for each of their servings!

“I’m here for the peanuts……you can have the meal worms!”

“Hey, what are YOU doing here? There’s only room for one of us at the peanut station!”

“Yeah, ME! SCRAM!”

The poor starling was collateral damage in the fight…..

“Is he gone? Those peanuts are MINE!”

“There you are…..hiding, I see!”

“You stay right there…….I’m going in for the peanuts!”

“YES! I got the prize!”

“Let me see……is he gone? OK, my turn!”

“Finally, I got my peanut!”

“Thank you…..I’ll be back!”

And, there were crows…….I love to watch the crows……they strut around the outer perimeter of the buffet like they aren’t really interested……just giving it a wide birth with a nonchalant peek every once in a while to check it out……like a stud at the beach – wanting to be seen while giving the appearance of non-interest…..then, when the coast is clear, they meander over to see what has been dropped on the ground for them to steal! They crack me up!!!

And, there were a lot of other birds there for the food and the company without the drama…..

My wonderful mourning doves……I love them so!!!

A few robins……always a pleasure to see……they love the meal worms!!!

The swallows (or whatever they are……I think barn swallows???)

And a friend……

And, of course, the starlings…..lots of starlings……they tend to clean me out of the seed cakes and suet, but I know they have to eat, too!

When my squirrel friend came back, he found that the blue jays had finished off all the peanuts, but he was happy with the seed cakes, too!

But…… most interesting and potentially the most drama producing visitor of the morning was…….

A CAT!!!!

I watched patiently to be sure none of my bird friends came back while he was there…..but, ended up surprised to see…….

He seemed interested in the suet!!!!

And, he actually started licking it and biting at it…….and had himself a little snack!!!

And, when he was done, he sat for a bit…….

And, then was on his way…….

I’ve had deer eating from the buffet and squirrels and, of course, birds……but never a cat!!! I have had cats come by and try to get a nice bird for their meal and drink out of the bird bath, when I had one out there (which reminds me, I need to get another one……hhhmmm), but never had a cat actually eat off the menu!!! LOL

So……yesterday was full of drama and entertainment…, is equally as entertaining, but not as much drama cause the “good stuff” (the peanuts and meal worms) are gone. So, I guess I’d better stop looking for more fun and get my day started!!!



2 Comments on “Morning Drama at the Buffet

    • Yes — I actually have TWO flamingos that are there every day!!! LOL I also had some female cardinals and some woodpeckers that I wasn’t able to get good photos of!

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