June Daily Photos – Part Four

So…..here we are at the end of the first half of a year that has been so crazy…..it has brought new meaning to the question: “WHAT NOW???”! I’ll start this post off with three memes I found on Facebook that sums it all up……


Let’s hope that last one doesn’t come true……we don’t need any more drama!!! LOL

Now — for my Daily Photos — the end of the alphabet (and a few numbers, for good measure) and the end of another month:

V is for VINES

W is for WAVE

X is for X…..that’s all……

Y is for YMCA

Z……how did I use that Z when it was my turn???





022117_Introducing The Beagles

And……here is July’s List:

4 Comments on “June Daily Photos – Part Four

  1. Happy 4th Kim! I was doing some catch-up this morning and visited your recent posts. Your “X” was clever, and what a beautiful building for the Albion YMCA. Loved your little band too. Raccoons freak me out a bit, but to think that someone figured out that changing the letters around can spell CORONA – Wow! That Meme is really spot on, and new to me as I’m not on F B. We missed the Strawberry Fest this year along with all the other events that had to be cancelled. If our fellow Americans get on board more with masks and distancing, maybe 2021 will feel more like old times.

    • Hi, Janette! So wonderful to hear from you! That YMCA building is actually in Medina – it is the Orleans Co YMCA. The building was originally the National Guard Armory and is really quite stunning! It really is so sad that we’re missing out on so many wonderful summer events and travels…….but, better safe than sorry, for sure! I look forward to seeing things get back to normal as soon as it is safe to do so! Hope to see you and Tom when all this is over! 🙂

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