It’s Growing On Me…..

I used to have long hair….very long hair…..but, I cut it the summer between my junior and senior years in high school and, aside from a couple attempts at growing it back out, I have pretty much had short hair ever since. Whenever I try to grow it out, it gets to “that length” that totally irritates me and I whack it off! But…..I have been letting it grow and, with the help of my cousin, a wonderful hair stylist, it has now gotten beyond “that length” and I am loving it!!! I have no idea how long I’ll let it grow…..probably not much longer than it is now, but I do want it to get a little longer. We’ll see how long it lasts before I decide to go back to the short cut!

The super long high school years — 1973-74:

Taken in August 2017 – the short style I have had in some variation for many years:

And……most recently over the past month….last photo taken this morning:

Yep — it’s growing on me!!! LOL

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