When in New England…..There’s Lobster!!!

So, as soon as we had decided to do a New England Adventure this year, I knew what my main goal was…….it was to eat as much lobster (and/or crab) as I could possibly manage to eat! I think I did a fairly decent job of doing just that…..of course, I did have a few meals here and there that didn’t involved lobster or crab, but all the main meals had some form of either or both on my plate and in my belly! πŸ˜€ I was in hog heaven, for sure!

We also saw a ton of lobsters in various forms, but especially loved the lobster sculptures painted by local artists in Plymouth, Massachusetts! Pretty AWESOME!

So…..here is a quick view of all the lobsters I got photos of…..some, I must confess, I devoured before remembering to photograph them, first! hehehe


Lobster Roll in Plymouth, MA

Calamari with Spicy Thai Chili Sauce…..appetizer before the lobster…..in Gloucester, MA

Lobster AND Crab in Gloucester, MA


Lobster in Bar Harbor, ME

Crab Roll in Bar Horbor, ME

Lobsters waiting to be steamed in Bar Harbor, ME

Lobsters going in the pot in Bar Harbor, ME

Lobsters for Three……Bar Harbor, ME

Can’t resist a goofy Lobster photo whenever I have a whole Lobster!!! πŸ˜€


All of the following lobster sculptures are painted by local artists in Plymouth, MA:

My brother, Kevin, and his dog, Ellie, are NOT lobsters!!! But, they did eat their share of them! hehehe

Gloucester, MA

Oh, wait…..that’s not a lobster…….it’s a SHARK that I got too close to in the Mystic, CT Aquarium!!!

Lobsters in some form were everywhere we looked!!!

Or they were advertising for Lobsters……..this is the dock area at Bar Harbor, ME

Lobsters even sell ice cream in Bar Harbor, ME!!!

I bought these ornaments at a Christmas shop in Bar Harbor……the claw one is an actual Lobster claw!

I even brought a lobster home for Megan to enjoy…….she LOVES it!!!

More photos from my New England Adventure to come…….

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