What a Bummer!!!

Hello…….sorry, no photos, today! I had a very UNhappy Valentine’s Day and spent the most of the entire day in bed sleeping off a nightmare from last night!

About 6:00-ish last evening, I got hit HARD with what I was sure must have been food poisoning…..I had a love/hate relationship with my toilet and the waste basket in the bathroom as I had explosions erupting from every orifice of my body all at the same time for several hours…..then, I fell into bed, clothes and all, with the lights on about midnight. But, that wasn’t the end of my nightmare…….I was only able to sleep for about 1/2 hour intervals when the violent attacks on my body returned off and on ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I finally put on some jammies and turned out the lights at 3:30 am, hoping for a restful few hours, but my body didn’t take the hint!

So……I finally got about a full hour’s sleep between about 6:00-7:00, things had slowed down, but I woke up so very weak and exhausted. I got up at the usual time and let Megan out and fed her, but I knew trying to stay up was futile, so I went back to bed. I was able to sleep most of the morning with only a couple interruptions, but was still really weak……the couch became my best friend the rest of the day!!!

At one point, I thought I felt up to walking across the street to get my mail……it took way more energy than I had to get a stack of catalogs and an advertisement that all went in the recycle bin on my way back in the house! UGH!

I used to think the line from The Devil Wears Prada…..”I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight” was funny…….UM, IT IS NOT!!!! I lost 5 pounds over night, but I’d gladly take it back – DOUBLED – if it meant I didn’t go through what I did to lose it!!!

So……..sleeping and forcing down liquids every time I woke up was how I spent my Valentine’s Day! Isn’t that romantic???


6 Comments on “What a Bummer!!!

  1. Yuck, I hope you recover quickly. I’m thinking that for you, Kim, any day can be Valentine’s Day.
    Enjoyed the little cartoon you posted.

  2. OMG Kim I can relate to that experience completely !One in particular ! A few years back I went out with some friends of mine to a sports bar in Webster and had a sandwich. I only ate half of it and brought home the other half to my wife ! Big, big mistake ! About 9pm+ it hit me and shortly after that it also hit my wife. Yeah the big food poisoning escapade. Both of us in the same bathroom (neither one of us could make it to the upstairs bathroom), one in the sink and the other in the toilet ! We carried on a mad love affair with these two bathroom fixtures most of the night ! I felt so damn sorry for my wife especially since I was sure this sickness came from the sandwich I brought home to her ! Neither one of us felt that good till the middle of the next day and yeah, about 5 pounds lighter ! And yes I did report it to the sports bar management (who didn’t do a thing about it). Needles to say I have never been back to that sports bar since !

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