Photo of the Day – February 13th

Hi, There……so, I learned something new, today…..maybe some of you already knew this, but I feel pretty darned enlightened!!! 😀

You see, today’s photo prompt was “Flat Lay”….thought that was odd and it caused me to wonder what in the world I would photograph to capture the intent of the prompt! So, I plugged in the hashtag to see some other examples on Instagram and got even MORE confused…..most of the photos weren’t of “flat” things!!! So, I Googled it! And I found out that the definition of “Flat Lay” is: “A photo of an object or group of objects taken from above, looking down on them.” Hhhmmm……it appears to be an Instagram thing…..never heard of it, but now I know……and I think it is kinda cool!!!

So……here is the Photo of the Day for February 13, 2017…….and it is the only photo for today because I had a lot going on and figuring out what to do for the photo prompt took up a bit of what time I had for this!  🙂

# 44 Photo Prompt – Flat Lay:


“Hats and Purses”


February 2017’s Photo Prompts:


4 Comments on “Photo of the Day – February 13th

  1. Well today I learned the definition of “flat lay” in photography, and I also got to enjoy your daily photo. Thanks for the answer to a future trivia game question!

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