Wine About Winter – Medina – 2017

Each year I hear about Medina’s Wine About Winter event……and each year I usually pass on it. I really enjoy doing wine walks and wine tasting events, but this one – while it always catches my attention – is one I never thought I’d be interested enough in to actually attend. First – it is in February – the weather is unpredictable, but you can usually count on it being cold….too cold to be walking around outside for that long! Second – it is an event that almost always sells out with several hundred people attending…….I’m not one for huge crowds and usually opt out of events that are sure to involve a lot of waiting in lines to get to the main attractions! But……my brother and sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to go with them and I gave in and said yes! So, we went……today!!!

I can say that I was VERY happy I went! It won’t be an event I avoid anymore! First – yes, it was COLD (the high didn’t quite make it to 30 degrees), but the sun was out and it wasn’t too windy…..and……I found that after the first couple of tastings and the walking between stops, I was actually quite warm!!! Second – yes, there were a LOT of people there (not sure how many tickets constitute a sell out, but they did indeed sell out), but the lines were not bad at all and each stop was a quick in and out with lots of room to check out the shops while inside for the tastings (although, as bundled up as I was and as warm as the wine and walking was making me, I didn’t stay inside getting over heated for very long…..hehehe). They had a really nice assortment of wines to sample – 29 stops in all (don’t get the wrong idea – you only get a taste at each stop 🙂 – it wasn’t a drunk-fest) – and it was a lovely day to be out strolling and spending time with my family! And, I visited several very lovely shops that I’ve never stopped in to check out before, so that was nice, too! The only criticism I have is that there were TOO MANY stops and they were spread out……by the time we got a little over 1/2 way around the loop, we had all the wine we cared to have and we were tired and hungry, so we decided to end our adventure and go have lunch at Meggie Moo’s before heading home. I would have liked to see what the other stops had to offer – even if I didn’t do any more tasting – but, we were ready to go sit and have a nice meal and that was OK with us! #oldfarts

Here are a few photos I took along the way:


My brother was ready for the cold walk……the hat actually stayed mostly in his pocket, but wasn’t he a cutie as we were preparing to head out to the event?



Beautifully displayed commemorative wine glasses



And, look who I ran into in Meggie Moo’s???!!!


The window display at The English Rose Tea Shoppe is so inviting!


Kevin, Angela, and Lylace in Daniel’s Just What The Doctor Ordered men’s shop – what a great store this is – wish I had a reason to buy some men’s wear!


And, this is Daniel Wayne – owner of Daniel’s Just What The Doctor Ordered – this men’s store and the antique and curio shop next door! I had to snap his photo cause he looked so fetching in that great hat!!!


There’s Kevin — his head is right by that red “S” — with the other tasters at Brushstrokes Studios


I love going to Brushstrokes to paint ceramics……so relaxing…….I really should do it more often!

So……it was a great day and I will probably plan to do this event again next year!

2 Comments on “Wine About Winter – Medina – 2017

    • Why? One of the wines came all the way from California… couldn’t come from Hawaii??? LOL

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