2016 Daily Photos – December 18-19

Here are the Daily Photos taken on December 18-19. If you’re paying attention, the last Daily Photo post ended on December 16, so that means I missed taking a photo on December 17. That was because I was off adventuring all day seeing the Cirque show I wrote about in the last post. So, I have a good excuse…..hehehe!



“The Dreaded Task of Wrapping”

I love shopping for gifts…..I love giving gifts…..I hate wrapping gifts!!! BUT – two nights devoted to wrapping and I’m done!!!



“Icicles at Dusk”

These beauties formed on my front porch and I snapped this just before I knocked them all down! 🙂



“Sneaking Berries”

My weeping crab apple tree was still loaded with berries and I was beginning to wonder why the birds hadn’t stripped it clean, yet. Well, a swarm of robins and other little sweeties danced around in a feeding frenzy on Monday morning and by mid-day, it was clean as a whistle!!!

While I’ve got your attention…..you might have noticed (or maybe not, which is why I’m mentioning it here) that I put a new link in my blogroll on the right hand side of the page. It is a new local blog focused on local recipes and food related posts!!! It is really cool — check it out!!! CLICK HERE


2 Comments on “2016 Daily Photos – December 18-19

    • Yes – I was told a couple years ago that some robins remain through the winter and I have seen small flocks of them every now and then at odd times throughout the winter months to confirm that!

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