Holiday Entertainment At Its Best

A wonderful part of the holiday season is the availability of holiday entertainment…..from local concerts to major stage productions. I do so enjoy attending events that are holiday themed with music that sparks the spirit and inner child we all have deep down inside.

Yesterday – Saturday, Dec 17th – I had the pleasure of attending just such an event! I joined a group of fellow retirees a few months ago called the Busy Buddies. The group goes on day trips, such as theater productions and other adventures, and larger trips together. It has been great fun, so far! Yesterday, we all boarded a bus that took us to the Rochester Auditorium Theater to see the Cirque Dreams Holidaze show…..and it was FABULOUS!!!

First…..just sitting in the Rochester Auditorium Theater brought back so many incredible memories for me. I haven’t been in this theater in probably 30 years or so, because of the years that I spent in NC and I haven’t had an opportunity to go since I’ve been back home. But, I used to love to go there to see Broadway stage shows and smaller concerts. As I sat there waiting for the show to start, I pictured sitting in the front row balcony (a favorite spot for stage shows) to see such shows as Peter Pan and Neil Simon’s Their Playing Our Song, among so many others! I was taken back to a night my Mom, my Dad, and I saw Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, and Earnest Tubb perform – we sat about 3 rows back and were mesmerized by these country greats! I listened to the music in my head, remembered the pretty dresses Loretta wore, and smiled as I envisioned Earnest Tubb turn his guitar over at the end of the concert to show the word “Thanks” written across the back of the guitar. I also could picture the three of us passing through the doorway to the right of the stage where Loretta had a table to greet her fans and sign autographs – she talked to each and every one of her fans like they were old, dear friends that she’d known forever…..Mom was so thrilled to get to meet and talk with her! So many memories flooded in! It warmed my heart to just be there!

And, then there was the show! WOW! If you’ve never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, you really should! I took Mom to see the Beatles themed Cirque show LOVE! in Las Vegas several years ago and it was absolutely amazing! The Cirque Dreams Holidaze show is holiday themed with dancing ornaments, reindeer, gingerbread men, and more and traditional and new holiday songs as a backdrop to the incredible acrobatic feats of the Cirque performers. I was on the edge of my seat and in awe the entire two hours of the show! There was so much going on on the stage at all times it was hard to decide what to focus on! And the performances were stupendous! I loved every minute of it, but the finale brought me to tears……a women with the most beautiful voice sang one of the loveliest arrangements of Oh Holy Night I’ve ever heard while a man and women in white performed an aerial ballet that was simply stunning!!! It was a show to remember!

After the show, we all got back on the bus and headed to dinner at the Lamplighter restaurant north of the Ridge in Greece. Dinner was fantastic and we had the best time talking and enjoying our time with old and new friends! I’m so very happy I had this opportunity and look forward to many more chances to enjoy the company of my new Busy Buddies friends!

Of course, there was no flash photography allowed, but I can leave you with this youtube clip of the show……enjoy! And, when it comes back around next year, be sure to put it on your calendar!

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