2016 Daily Photo – Feb 8-10

Three more days of Daily Photos……I’m sticking with it, folks……and really enjoying it!!! Most days something just catches my eye and some days I have to really think about it and get creative, but I have managed to get a photo every day, so far…….Woo Hoo!!!


020816_Mother Natures Brush Strokes

“Mother Nature’s Brush Strokes”

Usually, the blues are the sky and the whites are the clouds! But, on Monday evening – just shy of dusk – the sky was the white canvas for the beautiful blue brush strokes making up the colorful clouds!!!




I didn’t realize it at the time, but after I snapped this, downloaded it, and declared it my photo of the day, I noticed that it just happened to also meet the criteria for the “Photo A Day Challenge” for February 9th – that prompt was “front door”! It is the first time I matched that list – even though I didn’t deliberately look at it for inspiration that day! 🙂


021016_Daffodils in the Snow

“Daffodils in the Snow”

The mild winter tricked my daffodils to start to come up……way too early……and now they are covered in snow and the forecast indicates they’ll be buried good by the weekend!!! I hope this doesn’t prevent them from coming back up when the time is right for them to!!!




The Blue Jays will get a frozen treat when they come for these peanuts!

2 Comments on “2016 Daily Photo – Feb 8-10

  1. Kim, You will surprise yourself how you can find a photo each day to post. If you want to get creative, do it in themes each month. One month can be the I Spy game. I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter A. Each day find a picture that starts with the next letter….B, C, D,………Another month you can do a color or a few months do a new color every two weeks and look for something picture worthy of that color. Good luck exploring.

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