Angel Window

The Christ Episcopal Church in Albion has several breathtaking stained glass windows that line each side of the sanctuary – each one different – each one simply stunning! My favorite of them all is, by far, the one of the Angel! Not just because I love and collect angels, but because I think it is the prettiest one – the one that stands out most for me and seems to draw me to it!

Today, while I was sitting in the choir loft, the sun was shining so brightly outside that it seemed to light that window up – more so than any of the others on that side of the sanctuary! The aura of light around the angel’s head seemed to glow like a heavenly flame…..the colors seemed to be all the more vivid…..the angel seemed to come to life right there before my eyes…..and the glass seemed to be on fire with the light of the sun! It was blinding, yet, I couldn’t stop looking at it! It was just so incredible!

Of course, I had to take a photo…..and, of course, the photo in no way shows the Majesty of the light as it shown through the many facets of the stained glass and is not the proof that it came to life that I had hoped for! But, it is still so beautiful…..just imagine it a zillion times brighter and more amazing and maybe, just maybe, you will understand what I saw this morning……and how incredible it made me feel!!!




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