Wine Tasting Fun

The Albion Rotary Club had our first Wine Tasting Event / Fundraiser last night! What a great night! The atmosphere was perfect at Tillman’s Village Inn, there were four local wineries participating, beautiful music by a father/daughter team, delicious food by the Village Inn, door prizes, raffles, and lots and lots of friends sharing wonderful conversations during a relaxing evening out! What could be better than that?

Here are just a few photos I took to show what a lovely setting it was for the event…..


Commemorative wine glasses etched with “Albion Rotary Club” and the Rotary International logo!


The musicians were INCREDIBLE!!! Loved them!!!

Jan-Mikael Erakare and his daughter, Matilda – check out their website


The room was set up with the food table beautifully decorated in the center, the four wineries located around the perimeter (Leonard Oakes table can be seen in the background), and tables for guests to sit and relax throughout the room.


810 Mead Works setting up their table


Chilling bottles of Mead from 810 Meadworks, located in Medina, NY – check out their website

I really enjoyed the “Sweet Devotion” mead


Schwenk Wine Cellars setting up their tasting table


The wines offered for tasting by Schwenk Wine Cellars, located in Kent, NY – check out their website

I’ve tried the “Santa’s Secret” before and really liked it! This time, I tried the “Lighthouse White” and “Riesling – Semi Sweet” – both very good!


Here are the wines that Leonard Oakes, located in Medina, NY, brought for us to try – check out their website

A personal favorite from Leonard Oakes is “2013 Blanc d’Orleans”, but they didn’t bring any! 😦

I’ve had the “Frontenac” before and really enjoyed it, so I tried the “Escape Rose” this time – another hit!


Five Sons Winery & RG Brewery setting up their table


The wines offered by Five Sons Winery, located in Brockport, NY – check out their website

I find that most local wineries have such creative and attractive labels, but for some reason, I was really struck by Five Sons’ labels – so pretty!

I first tried one of the whites – not sure which one – and it was very good, but then…..I tried the “Patriot Blend” and fell in love!!!


Tillman’s Village Inn did a wonderful job with the food and making the room cozy and inviting!

Check out their website


The coffee was a hit, too!





This was my personal favorite for the night! I am a new fan, for sure! It is a blend of three native American grapes – a red grape, a white grape, and a blue grape, hence the name – Patriot Blend! While I have several wines that I love from various local wineries and very much enjoyed each of the ones I tasted at the event, this one took the prize, for me, last night!

We are so very blessed to have so many wonderful local wineries so close to us – four right here in Orleans County and several within a short drive across the county line! Not long ago, the Niagara Wine Trail was extended to include the Orleans County wineries – WOO HOO – a great boost for our local treasures! I enjoy advocating for our local wineries because they are so good and take great pride in their products! I was happy to be a part of this event and hope it brought awareness to the wonderful things that the Albion Rotary Club does for our community and helped highlight these amazing wineries that we have right here in our own back yard!!! Visit them ALL… won’t regret it and I’m sure you’ll find something to fall in love with – no matter what your taste in wines is, you are sure to find a nice variety to enjoy and keep you visiting them all…..

Until next year’s event……salute!

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