Blue Jays Feeding – 01-25-16

One of my favorite things to do is watch the birds enjoying the bird buffet I have put out for them in my front yard- especially the blue jays and cardinals – such beautiful birds! I have been a little disappointed that they seem to have forgotten about the buffet since the weather has turned cold….just when I would think they’d appreciate it the most! But, mostly, it has just been squirrels and a few crows emptying the feeders…..until the last couple of days! And, today, many little bitty birds and several of the blue jays were back in full force and I even caught a glimpse of a cardinal! So…..I took advantage of the opportunity to practice with the “Sports Mode” setting on my camera and get some action shots of them through my den window! Here are a few of my favorites:


“Ooppss! I dropped it!”


“Got it! Bye, Bye!”


“I love what you’ve done with the bird bath!”


“Making a clean get away with the goods!”


“Checking out the neighborhood”

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