Seagulls and Ducks at Point Breeze – 01-25-16

So, I was out and about today….getting groceries, popped in to see Mom….you, know! And, on a whim, I decided to take a quick trip to Point Breeze to see how the river and the lake are doing with the weather and see if there were any ducks, birds, whatever available for a photo op! I wasn’t disappointed! It was gorgeous! And, yes, there were birds and ducks galore!!! I wasn’t the only person checking out the beauty – a couple were walking the break wall and two or three cars came by and viewed the river from their cars.

Both the lake and the river are partially frozen and there are snow caps on the lake! This all made for a refreshingly cold swim and play time for the seagulls and ducks and some areas where they could literally walk on water! I also got to see the long-tail ducks, known as oldsquaw that I read about on the Hub last week (click here for that article) – what a treat! They were particularly fun to watch as they swam gracefully for a ways and then in a group effort, they would suddenly splash and scoot along in a running dance across the water! I’m really glad I decided to make the side trip!

Here are some of the photos I took:













And…..on the way there, I spotted these dormant willow trees that seemed to glow in the sun shine:



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