Autumn in Albion – 2015

I just got home from a week long cruise to New England and Canada with four ports of call – Portland, ME, Bar Harbor, ME, Saint John, New Brunswick, and Halifax, Nova Scotia (a blog post on that adventure will come after I finish going through the 425 photos I took – 🙂 ). My friend and I chose this time of year so that we could enjoy the autumn colors in those areas – the destinations were the biggest draw, but the timing was based on the change of seasons! But, you know what? We saw MUCH more impressive colors after we got back home here in beautiful Western New York! I’m not kidding! The tour guides kept pointing out the colors and saying that they were at their peak, but we kept looking at each other wondering “what color”? Don’t get me wrong…..there was a good amount of color change and it was very nice, but not the stunning, vivid colors we see around here and that I’ve seen in photos from those areas in the past! I wonder if the warmer September weather retarded their autumn vibrancy??? I know it resulted in a later than usual Autumn, here, and in some cases, the leaves did go from green to brown to on the ground, so maybe they experienced the same phenomena. Who knows…….all I know is I went all that way, had a fantastic time, and saw some amazing new places…..but didn’t get my fill of Autumn! And…..I’m noticing that I almost missed it here while I was gone! So…, I drove around some and took some photos around town – here they are, along with a few I took the day before I left on the cruise!

Taken 10-10-15:

Around the Courthouse Square

Courhouse Front


Pres Manse

Taken Today – 10-19-15:

Canal Shots – From Ingersoll Street Bridge




Mount Albion Cemetery











End of Season Corn Stalks


Along Eagle Harbor Road


Pumpkins at Rush’s Farm Market


A section of Otter Creek near the corner of Ridge Rd and Allen’s Bridge Rd – west side of Otter Creek Cemetery


And…..I’ll leave you with my favorite shots of the day! This is an abandoned building on Rt 31 across from Walmart. Call me crazy, but I always find beauty in old, broken down structures that have made their own spot in the landscape over time! These photos are just stunning… my never to be humble opinion! The same structure from the same angle – each with a slightly different perspective. There was no way I could choose just one favorite of the three!!!




Hope you enjoyed my view of Autumn in Albion, NY!

3 Comments on “Autumn in Albion – 2015

  1. In general I find that fall color is a bit dull this year, but you found some maples ablaze. As far as liking abandoned buildings, they are photo opportunities. Nothing crazy about you that I know about.

  2. Kim, your Blogs are wonderful!! I send them to my daughter, Karen in San Diego. Need to tell you about your last post as it was so heartwarming to me I sent you the comments made on Karen’s Timeline from many friends living in different parts of the country. Loving how it was so reminiscent to friends who moved away….” no place like home”Jeannie Sherman wrote, daughter of Albion’s School Band Director , many years ago . Another post by David and Steve Collichio liking “the little building on 31” as they are remembering the many, many times they would always “looking for that building ” driving by on the way to and from their home. Liking the many beautiful, colorful pictures you captured in “our home town” and all the places you visit. Great choice you made on “that” camera!! Ok ! I know! It’s who’s behind the camera…YOU!!! Thank you for the many places you share with us….. Sent from my iPad


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