The Bread Man

Last night I went to a very enjoyable event at the Pullman church in Albion. The event was put on by the Friends of the Swan Library as a fundraiser. I had planned to go, but neglected to put it on my calendar, so… with anything that I don’t remember to put on my calendar……I forgot about it! Thank goodness that the friend who told me about it sent a text and reminded me — I am so very glad I didn’t miss it!!!

So, what is a Bread Man event? The Friends group arranged for Chet Fery – a.k.a. “The Bread Man” – to come and do one of his programs for us. Chet lives in Brockport and is originally from Buffalo. He is a former teacher, counselor, and school administrator who now travels all around the area telling “Bread Time Stories” and baking bread just so that he can give it away! His main goal is to promote random acts of kindness and believes “the world can be changed one loaf of bread at a time; one act of kindness at a time”.

Last night, Chet shared many stories of warm memories of family, friends, and people he’s met along the way. He talked about life as a child in the old neighborhoods in Buffalo where family was the most important thing in life and memories of things like home made bread fresh from the oven and the joys of making making those memories together. He also talked about the people he encounters in his travels and some of the memories they shared with him…..and how it made them (and him) feel to talk about those memories. He showed us how to make bread, shared some slices of warm bread with us, and we all left with a loaf of bread he had made that morning – fresh just for us!!! It was a wonderful experience that conjured up a few tears and a lot of memories of my own!

To read more about The Bread Man and his hobby of sharing bread and kindness, visit his web site – click here!

Here are a few of the photos I took at the event:





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