New Toy

I got a new toy…..a Nikon D3200 camera!!! Oh, I love the photos I take with my iPhone – it takes great photos, it is easy to use, and I always have it with me! But….there’s always a “but”…..there are situations where I don’t get the best photo I could if I had a more professional camera. for instance – night shots with or without the flash tend to be somewhat grainy and when I zoom way in the photo is often blurry because it is difficult to hold the iPhone perfectly still zoomed in at the max distance. So, I have debated with myself for a couple years about getting a better camera – the debate always ends with “why spend the money on a fancy camera when probably 80-85% of the time the iPhone does the trick very nicely?”. So, now another “but”……but, every time I don’t get the quality photo I want from a night or distance shot, I start the debate all over again and try to convince myself that if I really want to get into photography as seriously as I think I do, then I really do need a better camera!

So……the research has been going on – off and on – for several years! I didn’t want to have to mess with all the manual adjustments every time I want to snap a photo, but I also didn’t want to get a regular point and shoot type camera – they are only slightly better than the iPhone! I asked many of my photography buff friends and read a TON of articles and decided that a DSLR was the type of camera for me… point and shoot capability with the quality of a more professional camera and the option to learn about the fancier settings for even BETTER photos as I get more involved with it! Ok – so, I knew the TYPE of camera I wanted, but which one? I decided based on feedback from friends and reviews and articles about each of the main cameras I was looking at that the Nikon D3200 was the one for me — a good beginner DSLR with high quality results!

Once I made the decision, I started looking for the best price…..I found a great deal at Best Buy online – a package deal that came with extra lenses and accessories for about the same price as the suggested retail price of the camera alone (no lenses, camera bag, memory card, etc…..)! So, I thought I would do good with that purchase and went for it!!! It came and I immediately took it all out of the packaging and my heart sank……the sight of all the buttons and features and settings and information was extremely overwhelming!!! Then, I got to the information on using the “auto” settings and felt instant relief!!!

I charged the battery and went out on my very first practice photo shoot last night! Of course, I chose the spot I call “one of my most favorite places on earth” – Point Breeze! I wanted to see if I could capture some good sunset shots and see what I could do with the camera!

Here are some of the results – I took over 200 photos, trying all kinds of shots! They certainly aren’t perfect and I definitely have a lot more learning and practicing to do, but I think they came out pretty darned good considering it was the first time I every used a DSLR and the first photos with this particular camera!!!

It was a gorgeous night at the Point……clear skies, beautifully colored lake, and just slightly on the chilly side due to a very strong breeze. Some of the photos really show how windy it was! I did not brighten or adjust any of the photos in any way — they are just as the camera captured them!












I’m off to learn and practice!!!

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