Wordless Wednesday – Early Spring

OK, so Spring officially started this past Friday. I’ve been waiting for a good day to get out and snap some photos around town showing the early signs of the season change…..today was it! We had a forecasted high of 51 degrees, today – it didn’t quite reach it and, when I was out and about this morning, it was heavily overcast in anticipation of the rain that came a little later in the day. But, it was still a nice morning and I think I got some fun shots! Things may still be kinda brown and dingy from the remnants of winter, but you can find the beauty in ANYTHING, if you just look for it!!!

Here is what I captured – with as few words as possible on this Wordless Wednesday:

Let’s start with the Erie Canal….the Main Street lift bridge in Albion closed just before I was there taking photos – much needed repairs will be completed in preparation for the canal season!


Barges, tug boats, tenders, and equipment lined up at the bottom of the canal over the winter months are waiting for the canal to be filled so they can start their work when the canal opens in May.


Canal workers performing maintenance on some pieces of equipment to prepare for the upcoming active season.


The boat launch on Albion-Eagle Harbor Rd looks pretty lonely hanging out there way above the lowered water level.


A couple seagulls enjoying the cold water below the boat launch.


Looking up the canal towards the Gaines Basin Rd bridge.


When I was down town taking photos, most of the stores weren’t open, yet, and Main Street looked pretty sleepy.


The Perry’s Ice Cream sign at the par-3 golf course on Gaines Basin Rd teases of the possibility of cool treats on warm summer days.


Farm equipment dormant over the winter stands in wait for the chance to irrigate the fields when needed.


This farm field looks like it was just freshly plowed up…..but, upon closer look, it is obvious that the dirt is WAY too saturated from melted snow to even think about taking any equipment out on it…..surely even a person trying to walk across this field will sink down into the bog, let alone a heavy plow!


This cracked me up when I saw it…..when the snow plow pushed the high banks back from the road, it dug up some sod and it ended up laying on top of the snow bank……now that the banks are pretty much melted down, all I could think of was a “toupee on top of a snow cap”! Hahahahaha!!!!


This one has nothing to do with spring, but I took it today, so wanted to include it! It is the Good Shepherd Window in the Albion First United Methodist Church. I was there this evening for choir practice and snapped this shot to fill a request and, as always, it took my breath away!

AFUMC Window_Kim 1

Happy Spring, y’all……stay tuned for more photos as I get out and about in the much improved weather!

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