Uninvited Guest


This past Friday was my 58th birthday! I decided to celebrate by hosting a Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Party……you know, like a Tupperware party only the product is wine, not dishes with lids! The way it works is a consultant (in this case, my neighbor/friend) brings five different bottles of wine to showcase examples of what the company has to offer. The hostess (in this case, me) provides food to snack on and discusses what foods pair well with the wines being showcased and has them available, as well. The guests get to taste the wines, learn about wine appreciation, and enjoy how the right foods enhance the flavor of the wines and the food through perfect pairings.


So……I thought it would be fun to do this for my birthday……to have a group of friends over and just spend the evening drinking wine and enjoying each other’s company and conversation! I invited several friends, made lots of great food, and we all had a great time! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed spending time with everyone who was able to make it! What a fantastic evening and a great way to celebrate my birthday!

But……there was one little glitch…….we had an uninvited guest join the party!!!

One of the wines we tasted was called “Beeline”……just after the server finished making the rounds to pour some of the “Beeline” wine in everyone’s glass, an actual BEE flew in and circled the room! We all thought it was ironic and funny that he flew in just as we were tasting the “Beeline” wine and made a literal beeline around the room! But, we obviously needed to get rid of him — after all, he was crashing my party — how dare he!!!! So, I grabbed the fly swatter that I keep on the end table beside the couch and was ready for him to land somewhere that I could get him. Well, he didn’t land……so, I swatted him in mid air in an attempt to pop him into the other room to the floor and stun him long enough to get rid of him. But, there was a problem……when I swatted him, he hit the wall beside the archway into the dining room and bounced back onto the couch behind one of my guests!!! OH NO!!! I was concerned he would sting her…..she stood up and we looked for him, but couldn’t find him — and we didn’t see him again all evening!


Quite some time later, the party ended, all the guests left, I cleaned up, and decided to watch some TV to unwind before I headed up to bed! I turned on the TV and laid down on the couch……suddenly, I felt a sharp burning sensation in my shoulder…..I leaned up and felt under my sleeve and low and behold, there was the bee that I had completely forgotten about —- the little bugger stung me!!! I flicked him to the floor and squashed him and tossed him in the trash can!!! I could not believe he actually stung me……but, I’m really glad he didn’t sting one of my guests earlier in the evening! I haven’t been stung by a bee in……..I don’t know how long……years……many years!!! My shoulder felt like someone was holding a hot branding iron on me and wouldn’t stop! It didn’t swell or get red and I couldn’t see where I was stung, but it hurt and burned like HELL!!! The next morning, my arm felt like it had been beaten with a baseball bat — it ached and I could barely raise it up — the joint was sore……the muscle was sore……and my upper chest over to the middle of my chest was sore!!!

I’m better now, but I still can’t believe that little bugger hid in that couch and waited for me to lay down on it so it could get revenge for my batting it in mid air……I know that’s what he did — he plotted to get me for what I did to him!!! But……I had the last word……hehehehe……I am fine and he is dead!!!!

In hind sight, though, I can understand why he crashed the party in the first place……it was an awesome party……just look at the great food and decorations……and this doesn’t even include the pairing trays of food to go with the wine tastings!!! Thank you to everyone who came and helped make my birthday so wonderful……even the bee (but only for the chuckle he gave us when he came in right on queue with the wine announcing his arrival)!








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