Chocolate Heaven

I’ve never been one of those “OMG, chocolate is my LIFE” kinda girls! Oh, I’d get a chocolate craving every now and then and I did like chocolate – it just wasn’t usually my first choice or my “go to” treat. But, as I grow older, I find myself understanding the excitement that most females get when they see really good chocolate! While I still don’t generally seek out chocolate, I do get wide-eyed and feel a little like a teenager when a tray of perfect chocolate truffles or a stunning slice of chocolate cake passes by!

I guess I should get on with my point…….I went to Batavia, yesterday. I had a tooth that had been bothering me for a while and it finally got to the point where I knew I had to have it looked at – I was sure it was an abscess! I was correct — the dentist gave me some antibiotics and told me to consider my next step options: root canal or extraction! I left the dentist and stopped by Arby’s to get some lunch. Beckoning me from across the street was Oliver’s Candy and Gift Store! I see this store every time I go to Batavia — it has been there FOREVER and can’t be missed (huge ornate store right on the corner of Rt 98 and Main St)! I’ve considered stopping in many times – I’ve had Oliver’s chocolate in the past and found it to be extremely good – but, I always resist and I’ve actually never been in the store! Until now! It kept taunting me and calling my name – I tried – really, I did – but, I kept hearing the Borg mantra repeating over and over in my head……..”Resistance is Futile”!  And, just as a matter of fact, isn’t the first thing you think about when you find out you have a bad tooth is sweets???? LOL

So, I gave in……I visited the mother ship of chocolate……the home of some of the most amazing homemade chocolate known to woman! I purchased an assorted gift box for myself and one for Mom and a couple other items (I’m a sucker for truffles)! I look at it as a way of pampering myself and consoling myself after hearing some bad news and in preparation for an upcoming unpleasant decision and experience! I owed it to myself…..don’t you think?

Here are some photos I took while I was there!


You know I can’t resist photographing a painted horse or cow!!!


So, I came home and started the antibiotics and made the decision to have the tooth pulled once the infection is gone……and I do believe I would have just agonized over it had I not given in to the guilty pleasure of enjoying a piece (or two) of that creamy, delicious, amazing chocolate!!!


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