Double Yolks….or not!

I always get excited when I crack open an egg and find a double yolk! It is like a little surprise gift that brings an immediate smile and usually a little oohing and aahing, too. When I was little, I remember my Grandma telling me that if you get a double yolk egg, you will have good luck, so all the more reason to be happy to find one! Finding a double yolk egg isn’t really RARE, but it isn’t all that common, either……according to this article on Better Hens and Gardens (click here to read), they occur about one in every one thousand eggs. But, the article goes on to say that you typically won’t find them in store bought eggs, anymore, because of the process of candling the eggs and removing any that have double yolks for other uses.

BUT……I have found a way to increase my odds!!! I most usually buy jumbo sized eggs – I like a bigger yolk – it is my favorite part of the egg. So, one time month or two ago, I picked up a carton of jumbo eggs from TOPS (our local grocery store chain). The first egg I cracked from the carton had a double yolk! I was excited, but didn’t think too much of it. The next time I grabbed a couple eggs from the same carton, I found another double yolk!!! This about sent me over the edge of more excitement than I could take!!! This could NOT have been a coincidence, so I looked at the carton and discovered that they were not only jumbo eggs, but they were also “super” eggs and there was a note printed on the carton that said “may contain double yolks”! Oh, boy! That carton ended up having a total of THREE double yolk eggs out of the dozen that was in the carton. So, the next time I needed eggs, I bought the same kind…….this carton had TWO double yolk eggs in it!!! And……every carton I’ve purchased since then has had at least two double yolk eggs in it!

This morning was a little disappointing, though……I discovered that the word “MAY” on the carton indicates that there are no guarantees! To date, this current carton hadn’t provided me with any double yolks. When I pulled the carton from the refrigerator to crack the last two eggs for my breakfast of poached eggs on toast, I had high hopes that one (or maybe both) would be double yolkers! But, much to my dismay, the last two eggs were the same as the rest of the dozen……single yolks!!! Oh, they were very good and nice large yolks, but I have had such a great track record with these eggs over the last 4 or 5 dozen I’ve purchased that I was so sure one of those last two would bring that smile to my face…….but, they didn’t!!! boo hoo!!!

I will continue to make this brand my eggs of choice and will continue to build high expectations and excitement every time I crack one…….and will hope that at least one or two from each carton will be the coveted double yolker!!! But, I now know to not be too disappointed if a carton is just full of nice jumbo singles!!!


3 Comments on “Double Yolks….or not!

  1. We use the same eggs, and my grandma had told me the same about them being lucky. It always makes my day brighter to find a double. I also love finding them when I make deviled eggs. Having that duel egg yolk print in the white of the egg is always fun to fill 💕 karie

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