First Spring Visit to the Point

Dare I say it? Dare I mention in writing that Spring is finally here? Today is Palm Sunday and it is in the mid-70s with a gentle breeze and partially cloudy blue sky! As I drove through town, I saw people out walking, fathers and sons out playing catch with baseballs and footballs in their yards, and motorcyclists all over! It was the perfect day for a Sunday drive……and my first Spring visit to Point Breeze! I’ve said it before, but it is worth saying again…..Point Breeze, NY is one of my most favorite places on earth!!! It is peaceful – even when it is really jumping in the peak fishing and boating season – and it is beautiful! It is the perfect spot to go and just sit and think or read or watch the water, boats, and ducks with your mind totally void of any thoughts what-so-ever! It wasn’t my first visit this year, but it was my first visit where I didn’t have to wear a jacket and could truly enjoy myself.

It was so lovely seeing people out fishing and boats out on the water! Here are some photos I took at Point Breeze this afternoon:







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