Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Patterns

Another great weekly photo challenge that I will try to participate in and give me yet another opportunity to take photos to share! This week’s topic in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is PATTERNS!!! Let’s see what I can come up with from my archives for this first entry on her site. As with all photo challenges, I will prefer to take fresh photos specific to the challenge, but I’ll start here with archived photos and hope to do it with new photos next week and beyond.

Cruise ship lobby


Boards on the side of a covered bridge at the Old Gilliam Mill Park in Sanford, NC look more like a grass skirt than a wall!


Azaleas reflecting on the pond at the Old Gilliam Mill Park in Sanford, NC


Cotton Exchange buildings in Savannah, GA

Day 2_Savannah_Factor's Row

Stripes on a lighthouse at Hilton Head, SC

Day 1_Hilton Head_Harbour Town Lighthouse

And, finally…..I can try to claim that I deliberately set my camera to get this effect, but it really was just a fluke!!! Not sure how the photo came out like it did, but it did…..and it looks cool!!! It is the Temple Teens taking a bow after a performance at the Temple Theatre in Sanford, NC – there is a curtain covered in clear Christmas lights behind them that (in this photo) gives the appearance of sparks flying all around them!!!


6 Comments on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Patterns

  1. Hi. Havent´h seen you around before (I think) but like the buildings. Are you interested in taking photos in urban areas or is it just a coincidence?

    • Hi, Katarina – thanks for stopping by! I just like taking photos of adventures I go on and pretty much anything at catches my eye! I’m not a professional photographer, but do enjoy seeing how photos turn out!

      If you like photo challenges, I just started one called Kim’s Wordless Wednesday – here is the link – check it out – if you like buildings, you might enjoy the ones in this week’s “Arches or Alleys” challenge. http://kimswordlesswednesday.wordpress.com/

      • Hi again! Nice. No I do not do so much challenges. Only Cee´s fun photo challenge as it is now. Mostly i just take photos and post. But thanks for inviting me. I will remember it if I wan´t to participate in another some time. 🙂

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