Sunday Stills – The Color Brown

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is “The Color Brown“! With the snow melting and the mud taking over, there are a lot of BROWN things to photograph right now! But, Ed said to “think outside of the brown box” for this challenge and I thought that taking photos of mud and brown grass and trees wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me! So, I paid attention as I was driving around, today, and decided to choose the beautiful Albion First Presbyterian Church as my challenge subject. I have a lot of photos of this church in my archives, but stopped today to take these up close shots of the front of the church from a few different angles.

The First Presbyterian Church in Albion, NY was built in the mid-1800s using Medina Sandstone – a treasured resource with historic importance in our area. The church, with its impressive spire reaching way into the sky, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Courthouse Square in downtown Albion. This particular variety of Medina Sandstone is, I believe, considered pink in color, but it looks more brown (unless you are up very close to it) and the three massive front entrance doors are a contrasting dark brown. So – I do feel it meets the criteria for this challenge!





One Comment on “Sunday Stills – The Color Brown

  1. Hi Kim,
    Medina Sandstone sure is special, I bet the round window is special too.

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

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